Proper lawn care practices are crucial to the health of your grass. Applying quality fertilizer throughout the spring, summer and fall, helps to give your lawn that vibrant, green look that all homeowners want. Also, our earth-friendly weed control services help to keep weeds from taking over your beautiful lawn. Ultimately, we offer a wide range of great services including aeration, over-seeding, dethatching, top-dressing, and more! After all, it's our specialty!

Lawn Care

Maintaining a garden involves patience and attention to detail. The removal of weeds, leaves, dead plant material and other debris will help your gardens look fresh and healthy. Also, the pruning of shrubs, hedges and trees (under 15’ tall) is crucial to maintaining an orderly, well-kept property.

Garden Maintenance

Aside from being a nuisance, mosquitoes have become more and more dangerous over the past decade. Therefore, we provide mosquito control with the help of eco-friendly fogging techniques that can reduce infestations by 80% to 90%. Also, we offer safe, efficient removal of bees and wasp nests, as well as insect perimeter management to keep harmful insects from entering your home.

Outdoor Pest Control

Snow Removal

During the winter months, heavy snow falls and icy conditions can become hazardous especially for children and seniors. We provide 24 hr snow removal and ice control to make sure that you and your family stay safe and warm.

Additional Services

• Top Dressing

• Over-seeding

• Dethatching

• Hedge Trimming

• Tree Pruning

• Weed Control

• Garden Maintenance

• Fertilizing

• Aerating

• Light Landscaping


• 10+ years of experience in the landscaping industry

• Lawn Care Technician certificate from Landscape Ontario

• Member of Professional Lawn Care Association of Ontario

• Golf Course Technician diploma from Seneca College

• Horticulture Science certificate from Humber College

• Landscape, Industrial Vegetation, and Greenhouse Pesticide licences

• Fully insured with The Co-operators

• Licensed by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario

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